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I'm just a history loving librarian born of a goat farmer and a concert pianist who happens to hail from Possum Trot, Arkansas. I love swing dancing and laughing and good tunes and good times.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Real Life

It's been a while. I'm semi-sure most people have pretty much stopped checking my blog- but for the rest of you dedicated cats, I'll bring you up to date. Before I start, let me just give a little tangential commentary on campus life. As I sought the career that would fulfill me it was pretty obvious that somehow, some way, I wanted to stay on college campuses. As I look out my office window at this guy who shows up pretty regularly to tie up some rope-like thing to practice tight-rope walking in front of the union (I'm not kidding), I am reminded why. College campuses unite this amazing variety of people for one reason, they want to learn something. Now, of course, they have varying levels of actual dedication to actual learning, but the opportunity to learn is here, and they are here, and that is cool. Tangent done. Oh- except the cool thing is the very variety of the people. I mean come on- you have people from Arkansas who've literally never left Arkansas. Literally. Then you have people from Saudi Arabia who want to learn English. Then you have people from New York who went to Columbia for undergrad but ended up here for grad school. I mean what? It's so sweet, I'm telling you. ANNNND- tangent done.
Ok- so it's been two months and I haven't updated my blog because I've been pretty much just having surgery, being in a lot of pain, going to work and going to doctors and just getting by. That's the very short version. The good news is I think I'm coming out of that valley- so thank the Lord. yay! I'm having to work a lot and catch up a lot and do a lot of physical therapy and that will go on for a long time, but I think I'll be ok and that I'll make it just fine. Thank you all for thinking of me and praying for me...I'm on my way back. Oh- the coool thing that's going on though- is that my good pal meg is sooo throwing me a sweet bday party with a Trailer Trash theme- so don that trashy outfit and meet us at the apt- it'll be ridiculous and fun!
later, effie

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I hungri, I hungri

Well, all I've been doing these past weeks is working a whole lot and going to doctor's appointments- but anyhow- the day has finally come- I am having the first of at least two jaw surgeries tomorrow at 10 am. They wil make one long incison in front of my ear on both sides and access the jaw joints, find and repair both discs, attach the disc with pins and then repair all the ligaments and tendons. It will take about 3 hours. That is assuming that everything goes well, which I'm very hopefully trying to assume at present. Rather than go into all the contingencies of what is going to happen and could happen, I think I'll tell a funny story from my last jaw surgery. I had been on a soft diet for a week or two and hadn't had much to eat and was pretty darn hungry when I finally convinced Goatie (my mom) to go accross town to pick up this delicious sweet potatoe casserole that this restaurant makes (well- used to make). So, after she came back my sister was loading up a 60 CC syringe (my teeth were wired shut for three months with the last surgery so I had to eat using a syringe to shoot pureed food through a whole in the wire and braces). Well, the stopper got stuck so she turned it upside down and was tapping it ever-so-gently on the table upside down when it went WHOOSH- the stopper had slipped and sweet potatoe casserole went shooting all over the ceiling in a beautiful arch. Now, we were at my grandma's house and as she keep's a very nice house so she came running in the room to see this sight and was up in arms about it, naturally. My grandpa and mom found it to be quite funny and were laughing it up. I, on the other hand, just looked forlornly at the ceiling at my much-anticipated lunch and said over and over in a pathetic voice "I hungri, I hungri"... and that's my story from my last surgery. good times. I was really hungry and mostly I just really wanted some food- but everyone was so busy laughing or yelling about the mess to notice that all I wanted was some taters. just a girl wantin some taters. I have a feeling I'll just be a girl wanting some taters once again here pretty soon. sweet.
ok- effie out. I'll try to blog while I'm recuperating, fo rizzle.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We'll start with the good

sorry to those of you (gilia) who care- but I haven't blogged so much lately cause things have been pretty surgery-stress focused around here lately- mostly I've been spending a great deal of time dealing with doctors and insurance and parents and the surgery dilema in general- and that's not so fruitful in the way of blog material. so- we'll get to the good news- after much thought and deliberation- I am for sure having surgery (Arthroplasty or disc repair) on December 19th. This is awesome- finally- after 2 years of working towards this goal- I'll have surgery and hopefully get the process started that will HOPEFULLY lead to pain relief and good function in my jaws. Anyway- after the surgery I'll then spend 2 weeks at the farm with my mom crocheting, brushing up on my Hebrew, and pureeing up all kinda goodies. mmm- delicious. As far as the surgery itself-assuming that my discs will be viable- I'll be able to get braces on within four months- and then about a year after that- I'll have a combined double surgery on my upper and lower jaw. Both docs have agreed now that the likihood is there that I'll have to have the double upper and lower jaw surgery- which stinks. This second surgery is a WAY bigger deal as I've mentioned before- and will take 6-9 months total to recover from totally. This is all to say that basically come to find out- I won't be able to go to Library school until 2008- which is a blow. But- I'll deal with that and all the decisions that go along with it- like whether I should consider getting my masters in History at the U of A while I'm here- after I recover from surgery #1. Really that depends on how much I can handle. I mean working and going to all these doctors and all of that is taking a toll- and I need to take care of myself. But I feel time going by too.
Anyhow- other than surgery drama the main things in my life have been moving- the girls and I are moving this weekend- so that's crazy. Work's been ok- the work itself has been off and on pretty stressful because i'm behind- but my bosses are so nice and supportive and funny that I can handle anything I think. I'm pretty blessed.
k- keep it real.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Surgery is nigh...

So, it seems that if my parents and I can raise some serious funds by December 5th, then I will almost certainly be having the first of two jaw surgeries on December 19th, 2005. This is pretty good news actually, when I can forget about the money for a minute. Finally- after two years of working toward this goal- I'll be able to hopefully make a big step towards getting my jaw problems solved. After this first surgery (during which they will make incisions in my ears and find my slipped jaw discs and put them back in place and attach them with a steel pin to the condyle- that bone that goes up into your jaw joint) I will go through about a year of splints (that plastic thing in my mouth) and braces (not again! but oh yes- again) and then I'll have a second far more serious and hard-to-recover-from surgery next winter...IF, that is, everything goes well- which I'm hoping and praying it will. SO- if that's all happening as it should then I might be good to go as far as starting grad school at UT or UNC by Fall 2007. So- that's the plan. Just thought I'd try to get people up to date in a non-long-winded fashion.

Monday, October 31, 2005


I've never been more sure of it! Yep- it's true- I came in second in the big costume contest at work. There was actually some stiff competition and I was pretty worried- but I guess I was pretty inspiring- walking that carpet- looking like an idiot. I won NOT ONLY a 25 dollar gift certificate but also a Harry Potter mug with an owl on it- hoooot....said mug was filled with the requisite candy of course. SUWEET.
"i'm just effie from the trot- used to have a little- now i have a lot"

Friday, October 28, 2005

My Keys Got the Shaft

so i was hurriedly making my way to my office before the bell tolled 9 o'clock yesterday morning (i know- it's sad that i'm that ridiculously late every day pretty much) when my friend Catherine encountered some problems with a cart full of books on the elevator. I proceeded to help her by giving the cart a hefty shove. it was at that particular juncture that my keys (which were, indeed, perched precareously in the palm of my hand) took a dive for it. Catherine and I did that "Nooooooo" gasp thing and watched as they slipped poetically through the gap in the elevator door and went falling three floors down to the cavernous elevator shaft of death (thoughts of mcgiver- how would you spell that name? yeah- that one guy who did all those seemingly death-defying tricks with dental floss went through my head when i thought about how i might retrieve my keys if i had to do it on my own). at this point i went on what was to be a long trek to various offices (i think they did this on purpose) where i had to admit my idiotic mistake and tell the whole embarassing story. in short- 7 hours later the elevator repairman stopped the elevators and retrieved my rather nasty keys from the depths. and you thought the life of an archivist was boring- HA! as if!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Big Dork in a Pond of Big Dorks

so last year i heard tell that the library has a big halloween party with a costume contest and the whole nine-yards. i was in my "i hate my job" phase and therefore blew it off post haste. i was, thusly, quite amazed to show up to work on halloween and see librarian after librarian dressed up in costume. and i don't mean they just threw some old weird outfit on and called it done- they were DRESSED IN COSTUME- with make-up, all of it- you name it- the librarian's had it going on. it was nuts. so this year i was mildly intrigued by the idea of participating...but i wasn't gonna just show up dressed like a clown (some of you know why that's funny). so it was with some amusement and excitement that i got my inspiration this weekend (with the help of yessisita). i am going to be an "over-processed document"....i will be wearing a sandwich board replicating post-its (my fav. office supply) and will then put post-its in my hair, etc. I will then put some OCD descriptions of a pseudo-document on the posterboards. not only is this so dorky that it may even confuse librarians, but it should look downright ridiculous. sounds perfect. i can't miss. i'll win it for sure. woohaw! i can't wait. my made up document is a letter to "gus trivvers" from his aunt plopfish. sound recockulous? good- it should.
in other news- plans are afoot for a huge farm weekend. we are going to drive out and help goatie build fence for the baby goats. yipee. my mom's so excited she can barely contain it- and to my great relief and happiness (better word for it?) lots of people are climbing aboard for the expedition. it'll be good times. if you're down- let me know.
in other other news- my sis is traveling to paris today- suweet.
as far as the medical drama- yeah- no good news to report. may be looking for a new new orthodontist and starting over.
k- cheerio,